Immediate Family Privilege Agreement Form

It is the Club's pleasure to welcome Member's immediate family members to the Club and to allow them to take advantage of all the amenities available through a Member's membership.

This priviledge is extended to immediate family members as defined by the following:

mother, father, in-laws, children/stepchildren/grandchildren, brothers, sisters and grandparents

To allow immediate family members access to the Club, please complete the Immediate Family Privilege Agreement Form and submit to the Club two weeks in advance of their stay. 

Please complete the form in its entirety. The information you provide allows the Club to process your family with the appropriate information and will assist in providing a welcoming experience at the Club.

You may fax the completed form to the Administrative Office at (239) 992-9623 or bring it directly to the Club two weeks prior to the arrival date.

Immediate Family members must check-in at the Club's office during normal business hours on the days the Club is open. You may choose to make an appointment with Member Services to expedite the process by calling (239) 992-5100 during peak season.

Please inform your family they may not access the Club until they have been issued a family membership card.

For more information about Family Club Privileges Agreement or for assistance in processing your immediate family, please email us at