Temporary Transfer of Membership

The below information defines policies and procedures for renter(s) so they can enjoy your club memberships during your rental period: 

Definition:  What is a Transfer of Membership?
The temporary transfer of a membership from a Spanish Wells Member to their tenant entitles the tenant, for a non-refundable fee, to use all the club amenities available to the Member. Member may not use their membership during the time it is transferred. 

Fee Schedule (includes 6% sales tax)

  • Full Golf Memberships are $296.80 ($280.00 +  6% tax) per month (call Pro Shop at 239-992-5522 for current rates per round).

  • Sports & Social Memberships are $371.00 ($350.00 + 6% tax) per month.

  • Cordova Golf Memberships are $296.80 ($280.00 +  6% tax) per month (call Pro Shop at 239-992-5522 for current rates per round) & Cordova Club Amenities Memberships are $371.00 ($350.00 + 6% tax) per month .

What Amenities are available to a Transfer Member?

You get the very best that Spanish Wells has to offer; 27 holes of golf, full tennis program, access to the activities and fitness center, heated swimming pool and dining privileges in the various clubhouse restaurants. Tee times for golf transfer members can be made up to 7 days in advance through our Pro Shop 239-992-5522.

Transfer Membership Limitations:

A Transfer Member’s use of a private golf cart on the course is prohibited. Transfer members may be eligible to participate in tournaments and leagues.  The transfer member is responsible for complying with all Club rules, regulations and policies during their membership.  

Payments and Member Charging:

Payment in full of the transfer fee must be made prior to start date on the lease and must accompany the completed/signed application and copy of the lease. Transfer members must pay at time of service. Acceptable forms of payment are cash and all major credit cards.

Processing Temporary Membership Transfer Procedures:

  • Please complete the Temporary Membership form and return to the Club a minimum of one week prior to the renter's arrival date.
  • Please complete the form in its entirety.  The information you provide allows the Club to process your renter(s) with the appropriate information and will assist in providing a welcoming experience at the Club.
  • You may fax the completed form to the Club Administration Office at (239) 992-9623 or email it directly to the Club one week prior to the arrival date.
  • Renter(s) must check-in at the Club's office during normal business hours on the days the Club is open. You may choose to make an appointment with Membership Services to expedite the process by calling (239) 992-5100 during peak season.
  • Please inform your renter(s) they may not access the Club until they have been issued a temporary membership card. 

For a printable copy of this information, click here 

Click here for a Temporary Transfer of Full Golf Membership Form

Click here for a Temporary Transfer of Sports & Social Memberships Form

Click here for a Temporary Transfer of Cordova Club Amenities Membership Form

Click here for a Temporary Transfer of Cordova Golf Membership Form

Click here for a Temporary Transfer Membership for Renters of Non-Members

For more information about Temporary Transfer Memberships or for assistance in processing your transfer, please email us at swmembersvcs@spanishwellscountryclub.com